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NIS Learning Series: How To Use Your 213(d) Retiree HRA

What is a 213(d) Retiree HRA?

What Can I Use This Account For?

How To Access Funds and Claim Reimbursement

Questions after watching the videos?

If you have questions prior to receiving your welcome kit, please contact:

Deborah Holewinski
Retirement Income Client Relations
Phone: 800.627.3660 Ext 1295
Email: dholewinski@NISBenefits.com

Deborah is your resource for 213(d) Retiree HRA questions prior to retirement.


If you have questions after receiving your welcome kit, please contact MidAmerica:

Phone: 855.329.0095
Email: healthaccountservices@MyMidAmerica.com
Online Participant Portal: www.MyMidAmericaJourney.com

Monday - Friday: 8:30 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. (ET)

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