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PROOF: Public Sector Insurance Pools Save Money

Since 2008, National Insurance Services has conducted an annual RFP on behalf of a pool of public sector organizations. All of the groups kept their original plan design.

The Results:

  • Our RFP buying pool has achieved an average savings of 22.49% on Life Insurance and 20.03% on Disability Insurance, over 10 years
  • Upon renewal, 6 groups received no rate increase, 6 received an additional 5% discount, and one received an additional 10% discount
  • Public sector employers saved a total $2.9 million dollars so far


Download the detailed results of our pooled RFP over the last 10 years.


Need more info on how it works? 
Check out our short video



Disclaimer: This offer is only available to new NIS life and disability clients, and is not valid for Indiana school corporations. Please note we cannot match Wisconsin school's 90% LTD plans in the Consortium, but we can match those plans outside of the consortium. We also cannot match any plan with retiree life insurance, including the WI State Life Insurance plan.

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